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Youri Djorkaeff: Barman

Not exactly, but the former Bolton Wanderer and French International is dipping his toe into the New York culinary scene.

A little different from the Bolton nightlife.
A little different from the Bolton nightlife.

The Jade Hotel in New York City is a posh Greenwich Village location for the beautiful people to eat, drink, and make merry. If those folks wander deep enough down the hallways of the newly opened 13th Street hotel, they will come upon Grape & Vine, an artisanal restaurant and bar inspired by the "historic speakeasies" of New York.

This bar is a partnership between well-known restauranteur Frederick Lesort and World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff. Several of Lesort's restaurants have closed in recent years, and he has himself filed for bankruptcy twice. So if you want to support Bolton's original French talisman under Big Sam Allardyce, I suggest you make reservations quickly.

The menu actually looks somewhat interesting, with executive chef Vincent Ricciardelli bringing a French influence to locally-sourced New York cuisine. The wine list is small and a bit inconsistent. Since the place just opened, I will personally wait a bit before trying it out. Conventional knowledge in New York is that you wait at least two months (Even the New York Times will not review a new restaurant in its first two months), and many people wait as long as six months.

It is unclear at this point if Youri himself will be glad-handing diners at their tables, or perhaps sitting in a corner going over the books, like a modern day Rick in Casablanca. Some might also opine that this doesn't sound like the typical drinking establishment for most Bolton Wanderers supporters, but who are we to judge?

Good luck Youri!