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The Reebok Stadium nearly looked like the Millennium Falcon

Chris Brunskill

The Reebok Stadium is arguably one of the most underrated stadiums in England in terms of design. It is the home of our one and only Bolton Wanderers and for all of its little quirks (like the dual tunnels that teams walk out of) and occasionally empty seats, it's ours and only ours.

The Reebok Stadium was completed in 1997 and replaced the club's old ground, Burnden Park. The old stadium, one that carried more than a century of sentimental value, was torn down and replaced by a curving, 28,000 capacity ground that shunned classic stadium style for progressive curves and exposed gables. The value of the contract was £25,000,000.

A few years before the construction of the ground even kicked off, fans were treated to a teaser of what the Reebok could look like. Friend of LVS, Peter Clarke, posted a scan of an old Bolton Evening News from page (dated 1 June, 1995, only a few days after Superman actor Christopher Reeve sustained his back injury). Let's just say we're glad it didn't end up looking like that.

A few months later, new mock-ups and models were released and these were much closer to the final construction of our Reebok Stadium.