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The best way to visualize the Championship season thus far

Yesterday, the Premier League Slider made its way around the internet. The PL Slider was created by the excellent Ed Forshaw (a Blackburn fan, we're sorry) and depicted the top flight as a horse racing arcade machine (those ones where the little horses go up and down a track and people in casinos place money on the winning "horse"). It was a great way to show the progress of each club as the season ran its course relative to other clubs.

Upon a suggestion from myself and a few others on Twitter, Ed Forshaw created a version of the League Slider with the Championship teams all represented. We all wanted to see how well and truly erratic this season has been thus far.

Take 60 seconds out of your day and watch the season unfold. Notice Bolton Wanderers' slow start, the boost when Dougie Freedman was hired in November, and the surge to playoff contention in February and March. It's a very cool exercise in design and code and a big thanks to Ed Forshaw for creating it. For those of you that want a Serie A version, it's in the works.