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Charming rubbish: Chungy's new hair color almost matches his boots

Michael Steele

With the international break well and truly underway, news about Bolton Wanderers is scarce to say the least. The club still has nearly two weeks until its next match and short of reserve games and opinions, there isn't a whole lot to cover. Instead, we're on the lookout for charming rubbish and interesting things happening with Bolton Wanderers.

It's no secret that Bolton's Chung-Yong Lee has plenty of admirers from his home country and the Lion of Vienna Suite's Twitter account is inundated with requests for updates on the star winger on a weekly basis from fans abroad. Occasionally, they'll alert us about awesome things from their side of the world. Today is one of those cases.

We have been alerted that Chung-Yong Lee is sporting a brand new hair color (like I said earlier, charming rubbish) and it's, well, bright. Chungy has worn Nike Mercurial Vapor boots for the last forever and is currently in the newest iteration, the Vapor IX in the Fireberry colorway. His new hair color, below, comes close.