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Kevin Davies opens up about contract situation in radio interview

Matthew Lewis

Earlier today, Bolton announced that Kevin Davies will not spend a tenth successive season with Bolton Wanderers. Dougie Freedman said that Davies "is and always will be a Wanderers legend" and as legends usually go, they tend to fade. There is no question that Super Kevin Davies doesn't have the legs that he once did, even though he's shown flashes of his old self on a number of occasions in recent seasons.

The news has been difficult for many Bolton fans to take. Kevin Davies has just made a scheduled appearance on talkSPORT's drivetime program, explaining the situation:

"It was a bit of a shock. I was shocked at the time and it's not quite sunk in yet, but these things happen.

"We'd had a couple of sit downs because as a player you want to get a feel of what's happening next season - will I be here or not? And they made that decision today.

"It's surprising. This is home and I thought I'd be at this club until I retired and maybe start coaching and doing that sort of thing afterwards. But that's not going to be."

Kevin was also asked about the possibility of leaving Bolton Wanderers in the current loan window:

"There's the possibility of going out on loan in the next couple of days but, if not, I'll wait until the end of the season and see what happens next.

"I've had clubs come in for me down the years but always turned them away because I've been so happy here. I always wanted to stay here and finish my career here, and hoped to go into a coaching role. That's maybe why it's shocked me so much."I've always given my all for the club. I was aware when I signed [a new deal] last year it was running short, and the club said they might extend it for a week or two [to get to the testimonial] but I don't think that will happen.

"Right now it's difficult for me to take but I need to keep my head up. It's going to be hard to try to keep involved, but I just have to try my best.

"There might be a possibility I could get a loan before the window closes with a view to getting a year somewhere else, and I think that might be why they've done it [now].

"I've got a couple of clubs keen on a loan until the end of the season, but I'm not sure I'd take that. If it was a loan with a view to another year, then I'd look at that