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Update: Kevin Davies will get a testimonial if he wants one.

Laurence Griffiths

Reaction to the announcement that club captain and legend Super Kevin Davies will be leaving the club shortly has been mixed to say the least, but one of the biggest complaints fans have had is the timing. Davies is just short of the 10 years of service required to receive a testimonial, which has caused a lot of outrage. After all, this man has given himself to this club body and soul for nearly 10 years now. However today club chairman has come out and told Trotters fans not to fret. According to Henry Winter, if SKD asks, he shall receive

This brings to mind the fan reaction when Ricardo Gardner was not given a testimonial for his tenure with Bolton Wanderers, but it came out after the fact that Bibi being the humble man he is didn't particularly want one. Of course a testimonial would provide a chance for fans to say goodbye to one of the most important players in recent history, but Super Kev must surely be thinking back to Jussi Jaaskelainen's testimonial, which was a sparsely attended 0-0 draw with Hibs, and rather a non-event.

Whatever Kevin Davies decides to do, we want to extend our thanks for his service, and our sadness at his departure.

Update: via a tweet from the Professional Footballers Association, Bolton Wanderers will offer Kevin Davies a testimonial.

They then corrected that above tweet, saying the following which is standard practice for tax reasons.