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Video: Brighton forward sent off for trying to trip the ref.

David Ramos

In the dying embers of Bolton's 1-0 win against Brighton and Hove Albion, the Seagulls saw striker Ashley Barnes be shown red by the referee. It was largely out of nowhere but Brighton had been pretty unhappy with the referee throughout the whole of the match as it seemed like they were not getting the calls they wanted. The red card was just about the last bit of action before the final whistle blew.

The incident was off the ball is it came as a complete shock to fans on both sides. The referee, Nigel Miller, would not speak directly to press following the match but The Argus, a newspaper in East Sussex, have confirmed what the reason for red was.

Per their report, the referee sent Barnes off for "misconduct, trying to trip the ref."

The report has now been confirmed thanks to a fan video. If you skip to the 50 second mark, you can see Ashley Barnes clearly stick a foot out.

Barnes will miss a few games now as he has previously been suspended once for a red card, that one coming in a match with Sheffield Wednesday last month. That match was Brighton's last loss before this weekend.