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Kevin Davies pulls out of Toronto move for the time being

Alex Livesey

The Kevin Davies era at Bolton Wanderers is not yet over. A wonderful decade full of great memories, big goals, and even better moments have not yet been capped by the big man's departure. The striker's move to Toronto FC is off for the time being.

Per the Bolton News, a contractual issues has cancelled the deal. Major League Soccer's primary transfer window ends on 6 May and re-opens in late July. The Toronto move is not completely dead in the water, just not happening yet.

Davies issued a statement on the matter:

"It has been a complete rollercoaster since first speaking with Ryan Nelsen on April 18. As it stands today I will not be leaving for Toronto FC, as reported.

My young family and I were naturally very excited about the opportunity of going to Toronto on a short term deal but after legal advice we felt that certain obstacles put in our way were too large to overcome.

"Whilst it has been the toughest month of my 10-year BWFC career I remain, as I always have done, 100 per cent committed to the club. I will finish the season here and continue with my high standards as a professional footballer. I will be ready if the manager needs me and hopefully have a part to play in helping the club return to the Premier League.

"I would like to thank all the fans for their support. As the season and my time with Bolton comes to an end, we will look at the offers received from clubs in both the UK and abroad and decide where my family's future will be.

"I have some fantastic memories of the last 10 years and feel honoured to have been the captain of this great club for the last five years. Hopefully, it will finish with a fairytale ending."

Davies has not participated in six straight Wanderers matches, sitting on the bench in four straight as an unused substitute before being left out of the match day 18 altogether. The club revealed that the 36-year-old would not receive a new contract at the end of this season in March. An interview with talksport later that day seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back as Davies revealed that continuing on would be difficult:

"Right now it's difficult for me to take but I need to keep my head up. It's going to be hard to try to keep involved, but I just have to try my best."

It was at that moment that SKD's involvement in Bolton matches came to an end.

The announcement was made with a few days left in the Football League loan window and allowed Davies the opportunity to try to find a loan move for the rest of the season with a view to a more permanent deal. That did not pan out and Super Kev was forced to look elsewhere.

However, per his statement, he will see out the rest of his contract with Bolton Wanderers before beginning a new chapter of his career in the summer.