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Holden's TV interview part two: the loan & the comeback

Kevork Djansezian

Yesterday, we shared the first part of Stu Holden's interview with Fox Soccer Channel in which he detailed the Jonny Evans injury and the struggles that he faced in the recovery process. Stuart's girlfriend, Karalyn West, and brother, Euan, were also on hand to share what it was like from the sidelines. We encourage you to go back and watch (or read) the interview if you have the time.

Earlier today, Fox Soccer Channel published the second part and conclusion of the interview. The four-minute-long segment was, on the whole, much brighter than the first part as the Holden brothers and Karalyn discussed Stu's comeback and the midfielder's future.

"I said to him, even if I had a game on the same day as his first game back that I would fake sickness just to go and watch him play just because I know how much he'd been through." That is what Euan Holden told his brother as the long bid for a full fitness return went on for Stu.

"I think it's gone better than I'd expected to be honest. I felt fitter every game, I felt stronger, I felt sharper and every time that you step on the field, you're feeling more confident, in more of a rhythm and things start to come back to you," Stu said, describing his comeback.

" You get on the ball and you stop worrying then about your knee. It's more about how you're playing and that's why I think it's been a major success."

When asked about how the loan to Sheffield Wednesday transpired, Holden replied: "I had a number of talks with the manager and we both kind of decided that it would be best for me to get game time.

"Sheffield Wednesday as soon as we made a few calls, they were straight in for my entire loan.

"It didn't cost Sheffield Wednesday any money for them to take me on board so in that sense, it was kind of a win-win for everyone around. I'd go out and get games and get fitter and get stronger and then be able to come back to Bolton and play a more vital part in the team.

"My first game I was thrown in a local derby against Barnsley in front of 30,000 fans and I played in the Yorkshire Derby against Leeds in front of 25-26,000. All of these games mean so much because they're in a relegation battle, essentially. I don't think I'd have it any other way."

When asked how far Stu can go, Euan responded: "I get asked this question a bit and my honest response is I think he'll be back better than he was before.

"Now that he's playing, the best sign for me was after his first game was he said 'I'm exhausted. I didn't think about my knee once the whole game, I was knackered. I was breathing hard and in the game.' The fact that he hadn't thought about his knee or that he felt his knee was sore, that he felt his knee, was the best sign for me."

Stu went on to discuss his contact with Jurgen Klinsmann and the potential of a US Men's National Team return, a subject we covered in length here. When all was said and done, Stu Holden sounded extremely upbeat and hopeful of playing a large part in Bolton's play-off push.