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Dougie seemingly indifferent on Kevin Davies in radio interview

Chris Brunskill

The Kevin Davies saga transpired in a way that proved positive for none of the parties involved. The Bolton legend has not seen the playing time that he wanted, the fans have not had the chance to see Davies play in his final few Bolton games, and Dougie Freedman has not been able to use the forward to his advantage in match situations.

It is that last factor that is the most intriguing for those on the outside looking in. Kevin Davies is the last player of a golden generation for Bolton and after this season ends, that era will officially be over. He has a wealth of experience and the ability to change matches for the better with his presence, as he did so often early this season. Yet, as the campaign progressed, the club captain's performances wound down and Wanderers were seemingly no longer better for his presence on the field.

The current campaign could come to a crashing halt on Saturday if Bolton fail to beat Blackpool at the Reebok or other results work against them. With that comes the very real worry that the fans had seen the captain play his last game for the Trotters a month-and-a-half ago. Davies' last appearance came in the 1-0 loss away to Ispwich Town when he came off the bench in the 65th minute and failed to register a single shot in what was ultimately an ugly defeat. From that point on, the captain sat on the bench four times before being left out of the team altogether with Tom Eaves favored instead.

With the Blackpool match comes the chance for the captain to wear Bolton's shirt for (potentially) the last time. In a recent radio interview with Tower FM, manager Dougie Freedman cast doubts that Davies would play a part in the regular season's final match. The interview came on Friday, ahead of the Cardiff City draw, and the manager sounded indifferent at best about Davies:

"Kevin Davies, like everybody else, I think if he shows the right attitude towards training... he's paid by the club and Ive got that responsibility to pick him if I need him.

"As long as he trains properly and he wants to be a part of it, fantastic for me."

Freedman spent almost no time discussing the situation, quickly moving onto the topic of the Trent Sainsbury interest.