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Holden, Pratley, Wheater, & Eagles get in on the action with Bolton freestyle promo video

Michael Steele

Bolton Wanderers have signed up a pair of professional freestyle footballers to entertain the crowd (and apparently the players) during match days at the Reebok Stadium. The two will perform fancy dribbling moves and trick shots in front of the home crowd without affecting the course of the match in one way or another which more than can be said for Wilfried Zaha!

Per a release on Bolton's official website, the pair (Woody and Kleiny) will be present for large portions of proceedings at Reebok home games:

The boys will be involved with the club in a number of ways. Firstly on matchdays, where from time to time they will give displays of their freestyle skills to entertain the crowds either before the match or at half time. They will not only show their array of skills, they will also interact with the crowd. There will be the opportunity for children to come out onto the hallowed turf and have a bit of fun with the lads!

From time to time there will also be competitions both before the game and at half time, where children and adults will get the opportunity to come out onto the pitch to try and win some fantastic prizes.

As part of the pair's launch with the club, a YouTube video has been released which showcases the pair's skills and has a few first teamers getting in on the act. Chris Eagles, Stu Holden, David Wheater, and Darren Pratley all made appearances, showing off some of their own skills.