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Return of the Rose: Bolton Wanderers set for badge change?

Shaun Botterill/Allsport

Many Bolton fans remember the classic 1975 badge that featured the circular BWFC emblem above the traditional red Lancashire Rose. In 1997, with the opening of the Reebok Stadium, Bolton Wanderers introduced the new (and current) crest, placing it in prominent view on the side of the ground. In 2002, the the 125th anniversary of Bolton Wanderers prompted a change to the crest on the club's kits in a move to align the brand as well as modernize the look of the Trotters.

Controversially, the red rose and banner were changed to two ribbons (one red, one blue) flowing from the ball-shaped BWFC. That badge has become the club's identity over the last 11 years despite various outcries from supporters that it neglects the club's long history.

Last season, after 22 years, Bolton Wanderers switched their kit supplier from Reebok to adidas, who had purchased the sportswear company a few years earlier. The supplier change was prompted by Reebok simply exiting the football market with Bolton Wanderers one of the last few teams to wear equipment by the local manufacturer. Players once sponsored by Reebok were forced to find new deals as well with the likes of Iker Casillas moving to Adidas and Thierry Henry switching to Puma.

The adidas change brought brand new kits and apparel to Bolton Wanderers that were much more reserved and arguably classier than the last few years of Reebok equipment. The move had largely gone over well with the fans as Bolton went out in a sublime white shirt with three red stripes running down the shoulders.

The details are still blurry but they're quickly becoming clearer and there are now murmurs (growing increasingly louder) that the Trotters are seriously considering a move to return the badge to a classic state. If the whispers are to be believed, it seems that Bolton Wanderers are ditching the ribbons and moving to return the rose to its rightful place.

Whether or not Bolton Wanderers return to the classic badge or go with a modern take on the rose remains to be seen. We'll keep you updated as the story progresses.