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Report: Stu Holden deal not yet done but Bolton willing to double up

Michael Steele

It was a month ago tomorrow (12 April) that Dougie Freedman told the press (ahead of Bolton's match at Bristol City) that Stu Holden's contract extension had been accepted:

"Stuart was offered a contract the day he went to Sheffield Wednesday and he has accepted it. It isn't done yet, he hasn't signed it, but I know what he is like and he's a good man so that was the close of that event for me.

"It has been agreed - it's just signing it, really. It would take literally two minutes."

Fast forward to a week after the season's conclusion and the contract extension has not been signed yet. Holden's current deal runs out at the end of June so time is quickly running out. On top of that, Stu will head stateside at the end of May to join up with the United States Men's National Team for their May/June camp ahead of the Gold Cup and Hex qualifiers.

Speaking two weeks after Dougie's announcement about Stu, the American echoed the sentiments in his own interview:

"I'm really excited to show people that what I was capable of before, I can be capable of again. The contract is at the final stages. I've had a good conversation with the gaffer and with the chairman that essentially agreed on everything. I just need to put pen to paper now."

A new report from the Bolton News has now said that Bolton Wanderers are now negotiating a two-year contract extension rather than the previously assumed single year. Per the report, both parties want the deal done quickly and the club, with a busy summer ahead of them, pushing it way up the priority list.

Holden is keen to continue pushing on for a return to the form that he exhibited in 2010/11 prior to the injury that saw him sit on the sidelines for two years. In an interview with the Lion of Vienna Suite, Stu told us that he's close to being back to his best:

"In terms of being 100%: I feel 100%. It's just going to be getting better, getting fitter and stronger and sharpening up in terms of on the pitch and putting more and more minutes and games into my legs."