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Concept: This isn't Bolton's new badge but how great would it be?

Saurabh Ananth/Love Football Hate Football

Rumors are swirling about the possibility of a Bolton Wanderers rebrand that would potentially see the Trotters bring back some of the classic elements in club crests past. A return to the Lancashire Rose is an exciting prospect for fans as it would see the club give more of a nod to its very long and proud history. This is, of course, just speculation so far but it won't stop people from wandering.

Enter good friend of the blog, Saurabh, owner of Love Football Hate Football, a project that aims to redesign and modernize clubs' logos while maintaining links to history and tradition. As the project has gone on, Saurabh has redone logos for Aston Villa, Bayer Leverkusen, Crystal Palace, Valencia, Villareal, Paris St. German, and many others. A few weeks ago (way before the current crop of rumors began), we asked him to have a go at what a redesigned Bolton badge would look like.

This is Saurabh's interpretation of a potential new Bolton badge and you know what? We're big fans.