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Bolton Wanderers shirt sponsor change looks likely, we hope for Mr. Sparkle

Stu Forster

Bolton Wanderers have been sponsored by 188Bet from the 2009/2010 season to the present. The big orange logo took the place of the very familiar "Reebok" wordmark (shortly succeeded by RBK) that was on the front of Bolton's shirt from 1990 to 2009. 188Bet simultaneously sponsored Wigan Athletic's shirts from 2009-2011. It was the second time in Premier League history that two teams were sponsored by the same company (the first occurrence was from 2000-2002 when NTL sponsored Aston Villa and Newcastle).

In 2011, the betting company signed a two year extension with Bolton, running to 2013 (this summer). With that contract running out and it looking ever more like the deal will not be further extended, the Trotters are likely on the hunt for a new shirt sponsor.

The names of various companies have been flying around of late with local firms, loan firms, and now, an Asian firm all in the mix.

There's your answer, Fishbulb. For those of you that have no clue what I'm talking about, continue on.

That last bit of information got the fans thinking, what if it was it was the glorious fishbulb shape of Mr. Sparkle, made famous by the Simpsons when Homer finds a logo resembling his likeness on an old detergent box in the Springfield dump.

Enjoy the magic of 1997:

I would think that Bolton Wanderers would be honored to be considered by this soap from the sacred forests of Hokkaido, renowned for its countless soap factories.

Current chatter on Twitter says that Canyonero and Mr. Plow are also in talks for the shirt deal while Krusty Burger has shown interest with Try N' Save and the Leftorium are preparing bids.

For the love of all things good, don't take the bottom half of this post or its obscure Simpsons references seriously.