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Joe McKee Leaves Bolton Wanderers, Resumes his Scottish Adventure

The clear out of Coyle rubbish continues.

Clint Hughes

A little over two weeks ago, we learned that seven young players would be leaving Bolton's academy. Alex McQuade immediately signed with Shrewsbury, and now, it looks like another of the lads has found a new home.

Joe McKee, yet another "promising youngster" signed by Owen Coyle, has moved to the lower reaches of Scottish football. McKee never exactly lit things up for the Bolton reserves, and never made an appearance for the first team. It's not like Coyle was taking a flyer based on a far-flung scout either, he signed McKee from Burnley.

The Bolton News reported yesterday evening that the lad has signed with Greenock Morton (You're not alone if you've never heard of them) and will play in the first division next season. McKee is no stranger to Scottish football, as both St. Mirren and Livingston have had him on loan.

These reports are going to be coming thick and fast as the youngsters are heading out the door. In a few weeks time, senior players will be joining them. I think it is pretty safe to say that Kevin Davies won't be the only one searching for a new job.