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Report: Dr. Tobin, Bolton medic crucial in Muamba response, and two others leave Wanderers

Gareth Fuller - WPA Pool / Getty Images

We knew that there would be some staff reshuffling at the Reebok this summer but we did not know how far the changes would extend. According to a report from the Mirror, Bolton Wanderers are making changes to the medical and fitness department and as such, one of the members that will be leaving the club is Dr. Jonathan Tobin, the club's doctor.

Typically, a club doctor leaving is not a big news story as their position is one often out of the limelight. Hearing about the doctor on numerous occasions would normally indicate something wrong (injury-wise) at the club. Yet, that is exactly why Dr. Tobin is a known commodity.

On 17 March, 2012, Bolton Wanderers had traveled to White Hart Lane to take on Tottenham Hotspur in an FA Cup quarterfinal clash. In the latter stages of the first half, the match turned from a normal affair into a race to save a young man's life. Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch and Jonathan Tobin along with physio Andy Mitchell, cardiologist Andrew Deaner, and Tottenham doctor Shabaaz Mughal, were immediately on the scene, attempting to resuscitate Fabrice.

78 minutes and 15 defibrillator shocks later, Muamba's heart began beating on its own again and the then-24-year-old took the first step in a long road to recovery.

Per a report in the Bolton News, strength & conditioning coach Mike Rawson as well as fitness coach (and occasional kit man) Jimmy Barrow were the two other staff members leaving Bolton Wanderers. Tobin was the longest-serving of the three, having been in his position since 2008. The other two had served in their respective roles at Bolton from 2010 on.