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Freedman says he will not be "held to ransom" by player wages, transfer risks

Ben Hoskins

Dougie Freedman's transfer dealings for Bolton Wanderers thus far all operate under the same basic rule: maximum potential reward though a minimal risk outlay. Craig Davies, Medo Kamara, and Marc Tierney are all examples of this as the trio, costing (a reported) £1 million total, look to really make their marks on the upcoming season. Davies and Medo have already taken their chances well while Tierney should be able to slot into the side without issue.

Dougie isn't done in the transfer market yet and there is still a lot of business left to do for Bolton with the Alex Baptiste signing yet to be confirmed and the need for a winger and a striker still apparent. Freedman has confirmed, in an interview with the Bolton News, that he won't be laying out huge transfer fees this summer, and, in turn, not risking the club's future.

"I've got a responsibility to the club but, most importantly, the fans that this job is done right. I won't be jeopardising anything by breaking the bank - that is not the way I work.

"We want players who want to come to this football club. I want them because they are hungry and eager to improve. Wages and all that doesn't enter into it for me."

Dougie also added his thoughts about Marcos Alonso's decision to leave Bolton Wanderers on a (nearly) free transfer and move to Serie A side Fiorentina:

"Marcos took advantage of the rules, and that's his right. I'm obviously disappointed because I think that since he started playing regularly he's progressed but that's the way it goes.

"I wish him well and thank him for his efforts but I'm not being held to ransom and we'll pay players accordingly.

"That is the way it should be."