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Leeds United in no bid for Matt Mills shocker

Michael Steele

Perhaps "shocker" isn't the right word. "Completely and utterly expected," yeah, that's it. Despite heavy speculation from either side of the Pennines, a new report from the Bolton News says that Bolton Wanderers have not received any sort of formal bid for the services of Matt Mills.

The initial rumors were that current Leeds United boss, Brian McDermott, had an eye for his former captain when the pair were at Reading. According to the earlier reports, the bid was said to be in the range of £1 million, or half of what Bolton originally paid for Mills' services a year ago. However, that price was a bit outside of Leeds' normal "we don't like to spend money" transfer policy. In fact, they haven't paid a seven figure fee for a player in nearly a decade. he Matt Mills to Leeds rumor persists though as some outlets are now claiming that United are looking for a loan deal instead of a permanent transfer.

Matt Mills, rightly or wrongly, was Bolton's second-most used central defender for the first half of the season. An injury at Huddersfield Town in December forced him off and the recovery was a long and slow one. Mills would make a few reserve appearances and came on once as a 90th minute sub, also against Huddersfield Town. Apart from that, the central defender spot was taken up by Craig Dawson, TIm Ream, and Sam Ricketts.