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TV opener for the Trotters: Burnley match shown live

Michael Steele

On Tuesday, the Football League announced that six matches across the Championship, League One, and League Two two celebrate the organization's 125th anniversary. One of these games will feature Bolton Wanderers and Burnley as the Trotters travel to Turf Moor for the second year in a row for what should be a hotly contested derby clash. Today, the Football League, in conjunction with Sky, have announced that Bolton's opening match will be shown live on TV.

The match will be played on 3 August with a scheduled 12:15 kickoff. For the Americans, that's 7:15am on the east coast an 4:15am on the west coast.

TV games are a rarity for Bolton Wanderers, having only had two for the whole of last season (Nottingham Forest and Cardiff City at home) compared to Leicester City's eight or Wolverhampton's seven. Derby County will take on Blackburn in a televised match the following day. No other potential TV matches for Bolton Wanderers have yet been announced.