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The Lion of Vienna Suite is looking for new contributors

Charlie Crowhurst

You know you want to join Dougie on our bench.

The 2013/14 season is fast approaching for Bolton Wanderers and it's already been a busy summer. A few signings have been confirmed while others are still rumored and some are just paper talk. There are friendlies coming up, plenty of international fixtures, and, before you know it, the new season will be here.

This small but quickly-growing fan community needs some help in keeping up with all of it. The Lion of Vienna Suite does its best to keep on top of news regarding past, current, and future Bolton Wanderers players while regularly providing opinion pieces, analysis, match previews & reports, as well as the occasional dose of charming rubbish. Despite Bolton's relative size to the rest of the football/soccer world, there's quite a lot happening and that's where you come in.

We're always on the lookout for aspiring writers that have a passion for Bolton Wanderers but now, more than ever, the Lion of Vienna Suite is looking to add. On any given day, there are two or three news stories regarding events in/around the club, players signings, player links, and so on. Our biggest need by far is someone to help keep up with news stories as they break day to day. One thing we don't want to do is just re-type reports that other people have written and we always try to add insight and analysis to stories.

To get it out of the way: this is not a paid position, at least not for the time being. All of us that write for the site do it as a hobby because we enjoy getting our feelings about the team out. What the Lion of Vienna Suite can do for you is get your name out there, especially to aspiring writers. This site sees tens of thousands of unique visitors every week with readers regularly visiting from more than 150 countries and every continent that isn't Antarctica. Our team has writers on both sides of the Atlantic so your location is not a worry.

Interested? Love Bolton Wanderers? Able to write 150-plus words? Get at us:


Facebook: Lion Of Vienna Suite

Twitter: LionOfViennaSte