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[PHOTOS] Bolton Wanderers tease new home kit: red, white, and blue.

Bolton Wanderers' brand new home shirt goes on sale in less than a week. As such, the Trotters have begun offering small glimpses of what fans can expect their club to play matches in. The two teaser images are too small to draw any real conclusions from just yet but it does provide some key hints.

Supporters will notice some red on the shirt (in fact, it looks like a lot of red). The instant reaction seems to be that Bolton should not have much of any red on their kits as it brings Manchester United to mind. That said, for the first 15 years of Bolton's existence, the Trotters used a lot of red on their kits. Over the last 13 years, the color has played a prominent part in with the exception of 2009/10 (the bar code kit) that was all navy blue and white.

The second image appears to show off the shorts that the Trotters will wear. It seems that the primary kit will feature navy blue bottoms again, a feature that has been consistent for the last five years.

UPDATE: Bolton have just released a third photo showing the shirt's shoulders. It's looking pretty good with those blue stripes.