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2013/14 Bolton Wanderers home shirt mockup: Piecing the puzzle together

Stu Forster

Bolton Wanderers have begun teasing their brand new home kit for the 2013/14 campaign by slowly releasing closely-cropped photos. The images show off relatively small portions of the shirt but do give us an excellent look at what to expect when the shirt is announced later this week. As such, we have taken a look at the clues and pieced the puzzle together to provide you a look at what the Trotters' new home shirt will be.

First off, these are the three images that Bolton released on Monday, teasing the kit:

The first image shows off the ventilation in the underarm area, around the players' ribs. It is clear that the mesh is comprised of two different colors: red and blue.

The second image shows off the shorts, a standard navy blue color for Wanderers.

Finally, the third image shows off the shirt's shoulders, indicating that the three adidas stripes will move to a navy blue and away from the red from last season.

Using the information above, we compared the details to already-announced adidas kits for 2013/14 and ascertained that Bolton's template is almost certainly the same as that of Heart of Midlothian's away shirt (complete with payday loan sponsor).

A couple of questions still remain:

  1. What will Bolton's badge look like? Expectations are that the Trotters will return to the classic Lancashire Rose in one form or another. Confirmation on that, one way or another, is expected in the next few days. In the meantime, we elected to go with the Red Rose of Lancaster graphic that Wanderers have been branding their social media graphics with.
  2. What will the shirt sponsor logo look like? Like it or not, it seems that Bolton Wanderers are sticking with QuickQuid as a shirt sponsor despite outcry from, well, everywhere. What we don't know is whether the sponsor will go with their full wordmark logo or just the shield.

Below is the mockup that we came up with using all of the details previously mentioned. We are pretty certain that this is close to what the new Bolton Wanderers shirt will look like, sponsor and club logos not withstanding.


We want to hear from you. Now that you know what the shirt will likely look like, are you more or less likely to buy one?