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Officially official: Bolton Wanderers confirm new crest while keeping Reebok ribbons

Michael Steele

Bolton Wanderers have confirmed their new crest. They will move from the ribbons that the club have used since 1997 to a banner and rose motif, that the club has used before. The new look has plenty of classic flair with a modernized motif. The circular BWFC emblem is Bolton's traditional blue color while the badge and rose are red. Below the badge is "1877," marking the year in which the club was founded as Bolton Wanderers (having been Christ Church FC for a few years before that).

The new badge will appear on Bolton's new kits from this season onward. The badge has gained extremely positive reactions right from the off. The story was one that Lion of Vienna Suite first broke back on 10 May.

Bolton Wanderers explained the decision to change the crest in a club press release:

The more modern, cleaner and dynamic design has been created following feedback from supporters, who expressed an overwhelming desire to see the long history of the club reflected in the crest.

The new design sees the reintroduction of the Lancashire rose alongside the founding year of the club, 1877, in a reworking of the club's popular crest from the late 1970s.

The new crest's compact design means it will be reproduced both more effectively and more prominently on a variety of Bolton Wanderers elements.

Bolton have also confirmed that the ribbon style crest will remain on the Reebok Stadium:

The existing ribbon-style crest that was introduced following the move to the Reebok Stadium in 1997 will remain in place as the club's stadium crest.

What do you think of Bolton's brand new look? We'd love to see your thoughts in the comments.