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Could Stekelenberg's Fulham move force Roma to look at Bogdan?

Bryn Lennon

It's no secret that Adam Bogdan is a divisive figure among Bolton Wanderers fans. The 25-year-old goalkeeper can be an excellent shot-stopper but questions remain about his ability to lead from the back as well as his decision making. For every brilliant performance or two, it seems that the fans can count on Bogdan to spill a vital save and put a result in danger. That said, the Hungarian is still young (for a goalkeeper) and likely has a long career ahead of him with plenty of potential left to fulfill.

That potential, paired with his shot-stopping ability, is what other clubs are seeing in Adam Bogdan and Bolton Wanderers could well be the subjects of a bid for the goalkeeper's services soon. According to a report from Sky Sports in which they quoted Bogdan's agent, Pataky Tibor, there are some Serie A clubs showing interest, including the likes of Roma. However, according to the agent, there have been no bids as of yet:

"Adam Bogdan had another great season so it's no surprise that there is movement around him.

"Many teams have been looking at him, but that's natural for an international player who performs at such a high level.

"Adam was among the best goalkeepers in the Championship, he played a great number of games and had lots of good performances.

"His manager considers him to be the best in the league, so it's no surprise that his name appears alongside some serious teams that are looking for a new goalkeeper.

"It's useless to comment on these Italian reports and on concrete names because Adam is contracted to Bolton and feels good there.

"So far we can only talk about possible interest, and it's likely that there will be more. But Bolton haven't received any offers and they want him to stay."

Bogdan himself has said that he is happy at Bolton Wanderers:

"I can't see the future so I don't know what will happen to me. One thing is for sure, I am contracted to Bolton and I feel good here.

"The Championship is maybe the most exciting league in the world, where one can learn a lot, but of course it would be best to play in the Premier League.

"That would be a step forward in my career regarding my improvement."

AS Roma are now in the market for a new number one goalkeeper but the question is if Adam Bogdan is on their radar. The Giallorossi have just parted company with now-former starting goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg with the Dutch number one officially signing with Fulham. Roma only have two goalkeepers on the books at the moment with 25-year-old Mauro Goicoechea returning to parent club Danubio. Current number one, Bogdan Lobont, is getting on in years and 19-year-old Tomas Švedkauskas is completely unproven.

According to various news outlets, Roma's preference for a new goalkeeper is Brazil's Rafael Cabral, currently at Santos. Roma have been linked with a whole host of names with no conclusion in sight yet.