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Kevin Davies delays testimonial decision

Chris Brunskill

It's been a busy summer thus far for Kevin Davies. The Bolton Wanderers legend is in the middle of a hunt for a new club this summer with which he hopes to continue his playing career after ending a decade-long stay with the Trotters. For the past few days, Davies has been enjoying himself by playing in a tournament in Barbados alongside Michel Salgado and Pierre van Hoojidonk, among others, and beating teams consisting of Liverpool and Manchester United greats before going out to the Caribbean All-Stars in the late stages.

Last week, Kevin Davies was granted a testimonial by the Football League after much back-and-forth between the player, radio interviewers, and the club's chairman, among other parties. The issue was one born out of much confusion after a lack of communication by the powers at be to the fans, leading to outrage that was soon capitalized on by the media.

Now that Davies has been handed his testimonial, he is charged with forming a committee to plan the event including the match itself and the festivities surrounding it. SKD, however, is not rushing the decision and has publicly stated on Twitter that he will wait until his future is secured before getting the event together.

A number of the fans responded to that question by suggesting a rematch for Bayern Munich at the Reebok with Super Kev's team getting a number of the old boys like Ricardo Gardner, Fernando Hierro, Kevin Nolan, and Nicolas Anelka together for the match.

Ivan Campo responded to the speculation and, well, our hearts fluttered a little bit.