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2013/14 goalkeeper kit is "electric," revealed in behind the scenes video

In the wee hours of the morning (or suppertime for the Americans), Bolton Wanderers launched their 2013/14 away kit. Opinions have been split to say the least. The kit, coming in an "infrared" and navy blue colorway, is a pretty big departure from what Wanderers have worn over over the last decade or so. One thing that the Trotters did not unveil last night was the goalkeeper kit that would rival the home's green and black number.

This morning, Wanderers posted a brief video from the kit launch photoshoot, showing the new look in action. The shirt does look very orange in the video but one thing to keep in mind is that the lighting in the room is very yellow and thus adds to that effect. While the final color definitely does have an orange tint to it, it's more red for almost a deep "salmon" color.

In that video, one of the first shots is of Adam Bogdan in his new "electricity" kit, above. The shirt has black accents and is paired with shorts of the same color. The goalkeeper kit also ditches the hooped socks for a more traditional number.

The only question left to be answered with the kit launches is just what will carry the "Bluebird" color that was leaked. We speculated that it would be this goalkeeper kit to differentiate from the home green one but that is not the case. It is now looking like the third kit.