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This gif is everything wrong with Zat Knight in a Bolton shirt

Over the weekend, Bolton Wanderers travelled to Greenhous Meadow to take on Shrewsbury Town as part of the preparations for the new season. Wanderers looked in fine form for most of the match but some stunning goals (and defensive mistakes) meant that the score was at 3-3 when the final whistle blew.

The first two Shrews goals were a half volley and full volley, respectively, and were tough to deal with in any respect. Perhaps the defense could have closed up but either way, they were phenomenal finishes. The third goal, however, showed the worst of Bolton's defense and, specifically, the worst of Zat Knight.

With less than ten minutes to go in the match, the ball was played back rather easily to Knight who was in a wider position than usual. The defender, who somehow has a pair of England caps to his name (though perhaps that says more about England than him), took a touch that was way too heavy and allowed Akwasi Asante to nip in easily. Asante, a 20-year-old on a month-long loan from Birmingham City, didn't even have to fight for the ball, allowing him to step into the box to take Adam Bogdan on one-on-one and finish well to level matters at 3-3.

Defenders get beat sometimes, sure, but it's the manner in which Zat Knight was so easily dismantled that is worrying. Instead of fighting to get the ball back, he simply dropped to his knees and closed his eyes. He didn't take another step forward, let alone challenge the play. If that kind of effort carries on into the season, especially if Knight is captain, Bolton Wanderers could be in trouble.

To see what happened, hope over here and jump to the 5:05 mark.

Taxi for Zat.