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Jermaine Beckford handed number 10 shirt

Michael Regan

In what is a bit of a strange one, Bolton Wanderers have handed new striker Jermaine Beckford the number 10 shirt at the club. In Tuesday night's 1-0 loss at Carlisle United, Beckford wore the number 17 on the back of his shirt in what was a relatively short debut run-out for the new signing. At Everton, Beckford wore the number 16 shirt while at Leicester City, he was handed 20. For Huddersfield Town, Jermaine Beckford wore 21.

The number 10 shirt doesn't have a great history at Bolton Wanderers in recent years. During some of Bolton's golden years, the number 10 was worn by the likes of Super John Mcginlay, Dean Holdsworth, and Jay Jay Okocha (who was, of course, so good they named him twice). Since then however, the shirt has been worn by the likes of Christian Wilhelmsson, Ebi Smolarek, Riga Mustapha, and Martin Petrov. Let's hope Beckford improves on that, lets say iffy, history.