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Stu Holden update: Sprained right knee


Stu Holden left the United States v. Panama Gold Cup Final match in the 20th minute following a knock of knees (Stu's left) with Alberto Quintero. Holden went to ground clutching his right knee, the opposite of the one that he hit and not the one that Jonny Evans injured in March, 2011. Physios treated Stu on the field before the midfielder walked off on his own power. After a minute on the bench, Holden walked off to the locker room.

At halftime of the match, word out of the United States locker room was that Stuart Holden had suffered a right knee sprain and will be evaluated further after the fact. The best case scenario for the US and Bolton Wanderers is that it's nothing more than that. An MRI on Holden's knee will surely follow.