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Official: Stu Holden diagnosis is worst-case senario, midfielder has torn ACL in right knee

Jared Wickerham

It was the news that no one had hoped to hear. An absolutely gutting piece of information has just been released by Bolton Wanderers and for Stu Holden, it is the worst-case scenario. Holden, who left the United States' Gold Cup final match on the 22 minute mark with a knee injury, has been diagnosed with a torn ACL in his right knee. The club has also announced that Holden will begin treatment as soon as possible. He is under contract with Bolton Wanderers until the end of the year.

Speaking in the club's press release, Head of Sports Performance, Mark Leather said:

"We've got the scans and the results will be analysed by our specialists."

"We can then put an action plan in place over the next week to ten days when the initial swelling reduces."

Holden, who played in five of six possible matches for the United States in the Gold Cup, signed a one-year contract extension with Bolton Wanderers in the month before the tournament. Bolton Wanderers have had their fair share of ACL injuries in the last few months with Joe Riley and Mark Davies set to miss much of this season and David Wheater just coming off of the same condition.