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What to expect of Chung-Yong Lee

Before the double leg-break suffered at a seemingly pointless pre-season friendly away at, then, non-league Newport County, Chung-Yong Lee was enjoying a meteoric rise that not only saw him gain recognition from Wanderers supporters but also genuine interest from some larger clubs in England and abroad. With a full season under his belt, is now the time to expect Chungy to shine at this level?

Are we going to see the best of Chungy?
Are we going to see the best of Chungy?
Mike Hewitt

Before the horror-tackle, Chung-Yong had experienced the best 12 months of his career to date, being part of the South Korea side that would reach the last-16 of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, scoring 2 goals in the competition. This, coupled with a stellar season with the Wanderers, culminated in a moment not many are likely to forget with the late winner in the FA Cup quarter-final victory over Birmingham City. At 23, it was clear Chung-Yong was going to develop. The player, who had already won all the individual awards within the club, was going to be the attacking force to be reckoned with.

The resulting leg break would restrict Chung-Yong to just two first team appearances the following term, a season that would result in the relegation of Bolton Wanderers. At this stage, it was hoped that with Chung-Yong, with a full pre-season behind him, would ‘set the division alight'.

It became clear however, quite quickly that Lee was missing an edge, I felt he did not look anywhere as agile as he did pre-injury and lacked decisiveness in key two-on-one positions, understandable given the lengthy time out of first-team action.

There were moments of magic however provided by the South Korean, though these seemed relatively few and far between. Chung-Yong Lee is at his strongest when he is able to isolate the full back from his covering centre-half and then manipulate the space behind him. I do feel these situations were becoming more and more common as the season continued, particularly at home.

Chungy does seem to enjoy playing with Mark Davies, Davies often drags the centre back out of position with slanted ball-carrying runs starting from deep in midfield, this creates more opportunities for Lee to attack the isolated full-back.

The success of Chung-Yong this season will depend on Bolton's ability to create opportunities for him, in my opinion, the utilisation of a ‘number 10' would be vital, Freedman in the fans forum identified David N'gog as the leading candidate for this role and I have to admit, I have my doubts.