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Jay Spearing's representatives have had "absolutely no contact at all" from Blackburn

Chris Brunskill

Over the weekend, the Daily Mirror published a report stating that Blackburn Rovers had agreed a £1.5 million fee for the services of 24-year-old Liverpool midfielder Jay Spearing. The defensive midfielder had spent the whole of the 2012/13 season on loan at Bolton Wanderers, winning the support of the Reebok Faithful. As a result, when the Mirror report emerged, the fans were understandably aggrieved when it was the local rivals going after -- and apparently agreeing a deal for -- the Bolton fan favorite.

The debates across various social networks prompted us to ask whether Bolton Wanderers actually needed Jay Spearing (remember, there's a difference between want and need), sparking an interesting debate. The Trotters have a number of central midfielders already on their books with levels of experience varying from 14 years to not having played professionally in England. In addition to that, the Trotters have a very strong replacement for Spearing already in the team with Medo Kamara. Still, there are questions about fitness and ability in the midfield corps. Still, that £1.5 million asking price, as small as it sounds, may be a bridge too far for Bolton Wanderers.

This brings us back to the Blackburn bid.

There's almost no question that Rovers have lodged their bid for the player with Liverpool and it seems that the Reds have accepted the offer. The wrinkle in the story is that Jay Spearing's people have apparently not heard anything about the offer yet, per BBC Sport report Andy Cryer. Speaking on Twitter, Cryer explained the situation:

Another report, this time from the Bolton News, claims that Spearing's first choice should the Premier League not be a viable option would be Bolton Wanderers. Whether Dougie Freedman a) has the funds and b) is open to paying the £1.5 million for Jay Spearing as another question. It seems pretty clear that the manager's priorities lie away from the central midfield position.

The big question then becomes "is Jay Spearing too good a deal to pass up?"