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This is what you need to know about Andre Moritz

Mike Hewitt

One of the major issues with supporting a team that plays in the Championship is the simple inability to watch opposition on a regular basis. As such, it becomes very difficult to form an opinion on players not in Bolton shirts. In order to gain a bit of perspective on new signing Andre Moritz, officially signed earlier on Thursday, we spoke with Naveed Khan, a Crystal Palace fan who writes for Footy Matters about the Championship with a specific focus on Crystal Palace.

On Moritz's playing style:

"A typical number 10. Plays in the hole, off the front man. Always looking to put a ball through or have a shot at goal. Sweet left foot and takes a decent corner and free kick. If he gets enough of the ball, your wide players will enjoy playing with him"

His strengths:

"An eye for a through ball, set pieces are good. He's not "physical" but also not scared to get stuck in. You'll find he gets involved with the fans on twitter and the other players a lot and will make himself at home."

His weaknesses:

"He's not an impact player, he needs to start games and grow into them. I'd suggest he does not drop deep enough to help the midfield out so you will see Freedman start him more at home than away."

Is he up for a fight?

"He can muck in and be part of the team spirit, but he is not a nasty player and can at times be a bit of a luxury. He's not one to drag his team out of trouble but can contribute to success. He's not a diver or one to make the most of a tackle either. He's a fair player."

Why does Moritz seem to favor one year deals?

"No idea why. He was though offered a new deal in Turkey before moving here and we offered him a new deal but he wanted to play regularly. He's a bit of a nomad but that doesn't make him care any less."

Does he wear gloves?

"Wears them in winter and spring!"

If snoods were still legal in football, would he wear one?


Is he one for a sensible haircut?

"He's a handsome guy, no doubt about it!"

Any final thoughts?

"Overall, a good signing by a manager who we know gets little wrong in the transfer market. Oddly enough, strikers are a weakness of his despite being a former striker, but in terms of defenders and midfielders, he does not get many wrong."