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Bolton 1-1 Reading: Immediate Reaction

It's unvarnished. It's unedited. It's emotional. It's our immediate reaction to the home draw against Reading.

Couldn't score, and had almost 80 seconds to do so.
Couldn't score, and had almost 80 seconds to do so.
Ben Hoskins

This game was there for the taking.  There was opportunity and space to operate in the final 15 minutes.  And there sat Rob Hall and Sanmi Odelusi, our pacey young wingers who showed earlier in the week that they can excel with room to operate.  They sat right behind Manager Dougie Freedman, who made waves just a few hours earlier when he stated that young players "never got a chance" under the previous manager.  There they sat.  And continued to sit.  And continued to sit.  Rob Hall sat right up until the final whistle.  Sanmi Odelusi sat until there was one minute left.

One of our starting wingers (Chris Eagles) was out injured.  One of our starting strikers (Jermaine Beckford) was absolutely crap.  Hall and Odelusi had three goals and two assists between them in the midweek match.  It was a logical move.  The game was begging for it.  And it never came.

So there we have it.  Another draw.  At home.  Remember our run of four straight draws last season?  One draw converted to a win, one risky move, would equal two extra points.  And last season two extra points would have meant a playoff spot.  What will two points dropped mean this season?