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Vote for Nat Lofthouse as the Football League's greatest ever captain

Alex Livesey

Prostate Cancer UK, an Official Charity Partner of the Football League, have launched a new campaign to raise awareness about a disease that kills about 10,000 men per year (one per hour according to the charity). With the Football League season already underway, the charity had asked fans, writers, bloggers, and so on to nominate their team's best ever captain.

The call for Bolton's nomination was answered by friends of the blog, The Men In White. They saw the obvious choice as Nat Lofthouse and answered Prostate Cancer UK's three questions about him, discussing what made the Lion of Vienna great, what his defining moment was, and which film character would best represent him.

In our own look back at the life of Nat Lofthouse, we started with a brief description of the Bolton Wanderers legend in an attempt to poignantly summarize the man's life in a single paragraph:

Nat Lofthouse was everything you will not find in a footballer today. Even his nickname, the Lion of Vienna, is something you wouldn't dream of bestowing upon the modern player. The wording of the epithet is indicative both of the era and the man himself. To be awarded the label of Lion, once reserved for realm's greatest warriors, is to be christened with one of England's most enduring symbols. It was no more than Nat Lofthouse deserved.

To read the rest of the retrospective, please click here to continue.

The first round of voting runs for six more days, ending on Tuesday, the 20th of August. Five of the captains will then go into a play-off for the second round with each receiving "the backing of one of the country's leading football writers, who'll tell the nation why they should vote for their choice of skipper." We're asking you to help out and cast a quick vote for Nat Lofthouse and, in turn, a vote for Bolton Wanderers.

This is where you go to vote

Please do spread the word by posting either this link or the one directly to the voting page on your Twitter and Facebook accounts or even writing your own post about it.