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Wickham says there's nothing in one-sentence, unsourced transfer rumor

Ian Walton

Transfer rumors during the winter & summer windows can be very funny things. Long, winding sagas that often have no resolution or are simply fictional right from the off despite the writer claiming hidden sources and using phrases like "it is understood." Then, there are rumors from certain tabloids that shall not be named. This one tabloid deals in one-sentence "reports" with no sources (named or unnamed) whatsoever.

This tabloid posted a story earlier in the week saying that Bolton Wanderers had asked Sunderland about a loan move for striker Connor Wickham. The "piece" was, in its entirety, 14 words made up of a paltry 87 characters. For the sake of comparison, this post (not including the title) is at 128 words at this point (here). So, to recap, one sentence that you could fit into a tweet with plenty of room to spare saying that Wanderers had inquired about a striker. Nothing more, but certainly a lot less than that.

Wickham has now come out in the Northern Echo, denying any such rumors that he wants to leave the Stadium of Light:

"I don't have any plans to move away, I want to break into this team, into a Premier League side. That's my aim for this season. It's just down to myself to get into the team, no one else can do it but me. So my aim is to stay here and work hard, and get into this manager's team."

Wickham would also say that Di Canio did not want to move him on:

"He wants to help me every day, he tells me where I can improve. It's when a manager stops trying to help you that you need to worry. For me, the manager's doing all he can, he's given me a fair crack on the training pitch. He's always watching, and trying to help the strikers especially. It's a good chance for me to show him that I'm capable of doing the things he needs."

By the way, when all was said and done, this post was just shy of 350 words.