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Man of the Match v. Nottingham Forest: Marc Tierney

Chris Brunskill

These are the worst kinds of "Man of the Match" reports to do simply because it is really difficult to find one Bolton Wanderers player who deserved it because the performance as a whole was so bad. At the weekend, the Trotters lost away to Nottingham Forest in dire and nearly-unwatchable circumstances.

Wanderers were held scoreless and did almost nothing positive in the attacking third, so the strikers are out. The midfielders looked largely lost at sea without an attacking midfielder to help link up play and it becomes really difficult to consider them. The wingers, especially Chung-Yong Lee, didn't contribute much in the way of going forward. The defenders let in three goals in what was a shambles of a display. In this case, it becomes about who was the least awful of the Bolton players on the pitch.

Our Man of the Match v. Forest was Marc Tierney. The defender was not directly responsible for any of Nottingham Forest's goals and arguably offered the most going forward of any of the men in white on the pitch. His free kicks and crosses were put into dangerous areas but the Bolton players were seemingly unable to get on the end of them. On the defensive end, Tierney completed the second-most effective tackles of anyone on the team and was responsible for a number of effective clearances.

Perhaps the only other player within shout of the honor was Darren Pratley, who did his usual Darren Pratley thing prior to being sent off. His two yellow cards also weren't the death of Bolton Wanderers in that match, instead, it was the final nail in the coffin with Jamie Mackie and Andy Reid's goals hammering in all but one. Pratley looked somewhat effective going forward but it was not good enough. He had the most shots of any player on the team (tied with Medo) but both were off target.