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Photos: Reebok Stadium crests going up as Nat Lofthouse returns to the Reebok

Chris Brunskill

Bolton Wanderers are hoping to celebrate on the pitch this weekend with an important match against Queens Park Rangers from which three points would do a world of good. Prior to kick-off, there will be a different sort of celebration at the Reebok Stadium with the official unveiling of the Nat Lofthouse statue some 19 months after the project was first announced. The unveiling comes just a few days before what would have been the Bolton legend's 88th birthday.

We won't be posting any photos of the statue so as not to spoil the reveal, at least from our end. The massive piece is in place but is wrapped up so as to protect it from the elements and prying eyes. In addition to the statue, the new crests are finally going up on the Reebok Stadium's walls, three weeks after the original ribbon crest came down. To see the original crests coming down, you would do well to go here and read/scroll through.