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Bolton 0 v 1 QPR: Immediate Reaction

Another sad performance, another emotional response. To be honest, it's not easy anymore.

At least something went right today.
At least something went right today.
Tony Marshall

Even a week ago, when Bolton Wanderers were tonked away by Nottingham Forest, it was easy to generate emotion.  The performance was dire, the players indifferent.  Today is more difficult.  Bolton were back at the Reebok.  They played a mediocre brand of football.  Three holding midfielders at home was never going to make for an exciting match.

The midfield was OK.  Tim Ream got a chance to play as a holding midfielder.  That's something we at Lion of Vienna Suite have been calling for almost since he arrived.  The US international played relatively well, but we still conceded a goal, and several other good chances.

I see on Twitter people are continuing to talk about the forwards.  Spend money!  Buy a goalscorer!  Maybe, but that's not the big problem.  The big problem is we are no longer "hard to beat."  Today's loss ended a lengthy unbeaten run at the Reebok, but were any of the clubs that didn't win those matches overrun?  Did they come to Horwich Parkway thinking "we don't have a chance today?"  No.  It was a lot of draws, a lot of lucky breaks, and a few good performances.

Until the defense is sorted, until the Reebok is a fortress again, this is a feeling we will be well familiar with as Wanderers supporters.  An indifferent display, a bad result.