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Two years of The Lion of Vienna Suite

Tony Marshall

Two years ago today, The Lion of Vienna Suite officially launched on the SB Nation network to carry Bolton Wanderers-related news, opinion, insight, analysis, and charming rubbish on a daily basis. We've seen the Trotters drop from the Premier League and sit in the depths of the Championship before making a late push at a full return. We've seen players come and players go. We've seen extreme happiness and near-tragedy. We've seen Bolton Wanderers and so have you.

Over the last two years, The Lion of Vienna Suite has seen:

954,644 visits

689,542 unique visits

1,505,699 pageviews

Visitors from 203 individual nations & territories

Regular visitors from 155 individual nations & territories

2,350 Twitter followers

1,853 stories written

Thousands of conversations

We look forward to seeing all of those numbers increase over the next year and then some as we continue writing about Bolton Wanderers and interacting with you, the reader. It has been our pleasure to do this over the last two years. Here's to many more!