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Burnley 1-1 Bolton: Immediate Reaction

This entry is the first of a new feature on Lion of Vienna Suite this season. It is called Immediate Reaction, and is pretty self explanatory. One of our writers, just after the final whistle of each match, will write an unvarnished, unedited, (possibly) lager-fueled, purely emotional response to the Bolton performance. The well-reasoned, thoroughly edited, analytically slanted high quality match report you have come to expect from LoVS will be posted later in the day.

Prime performance from Dazza Prazza.
Prime performance from Dazza Prazza.
Michael Steele

Well, that was a bit of a letdown.

Burnley scored a goal and put in a lot of crosses, but otherwise, bleh.

Bolton scored a goal and created a few half chances, but otherwise, there was one very notable bright spot; Darren Pratley.

I thought that Pratley was superb. He was box-to-box, he defended, he attacked, he put himself into good positions, he scored the goal, and he also created the goal. That neat little one-two with Chris Eagles summed up Pratley's day for me. He got himself in the right position, he was aware of his teammates positioning, he made the smart play, and he was ready for a composed finish. This is the player that Owen Coyle thought he was signing two years ago.

We were all devastated this week with the news of Stu Holden's injury, but if there is a bright side, central midfield has turned into a position of strength for us. If Pratley can recapture the form that saw him score 15 goals and lead Swansea to promotion in 2010-2011, we will be in very good shape.

Otherwise, the match featured a solid Medo Kamara, a lot of horrible first touches from Jermaine Beckford, a shaky Adam Bogdan behind a shaky defensive back four, and a Chris Eagles knock that has us very concerned.

What did you think? Whether you are in the pub in Bolton, the away stand at Turf Moor, or crawling back into bed in California, drop us a comment below with your thoughts on the first match of the new season.