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Blackburn Rovers 4-1 Bolton Wanderers: Immediate Reaction

What am I even watching? I've surely got the wrong game on. We're not this bad.

2 goals in 90 seconds.

33 year old David Dunn basically walked through a defense of 4 Bolton men to score a goal.

Our midfield just continuously kept giving the ball away and to be brutally honest, we looked like chickens without heads, running around clueless.

Apparently, we are this bad.

Sorry, did you expect any sort of highlights? That would require a team that could finish what it starts and let's be honest folks, we just can't.

Jermaine Beckford is getting better with opening up opportunities for himself but when it comes to finishing he still seems to have some work to do. At this point in the season I would have loved for him to already be able to finish off and even have loads of goals, but our midfield is giving away the ball so much that he just doesn't have the chance to even look at it. The little that Beckford does just isn't enough for us, not when we're giving away so many goals. Plus, the fact that Beckford's one goal, which could have honestly just been a lucky shot, is our highlight against Blackburn Rovers?! No. Just no.

And the defense, I can't even begin to put in words everything I feel about this absolutely horrid defense. In fact, I probably smashed my keyboard a thousand times whilst writing this article just to feel like I had some sort of control over how brutally horrible our defense has been playing. As in, it makes me cringe. I was optimistic the first couple of games, I really was, but blind hope can only bring you so far before you want to bash your head in. The mistakes we make are the same over and over again and I'm really really really disappointed that Dougie Freedman and his staff just keep playing the same players over and over again. I don't approve of booing players but at this point I'm ready to sell all of my belongings just to stand outside the Reebok in protest until something, anything is done.

Normally, I'd remain calm and I'd spurt out some cliche about being confident and winning the next game, but this is turning into my worst nightmare. It's like we can't do anything right, and worse, I don't know if we can even fix the problems we have. For everyone saying that we needed a striker or that Jay Spearing would save us: it doesn't work like that. One player, not even Spearing as good as he may be, can just magically carry us on his back. I wish you all understood that, hell I wish Dougie would understand that and make the adequate changes because as much as the team needs the fans to cheer them on, there's nothing to cheer for. Not even one single thing.

While I'm shredding the whole team, let's just throw out that our offense has no technique whatsoever. When oppurtunities for goals come around only every so often, technique is what we need to have. I want to know that while Beckford doesn't always get close to the net, every time he does, it'll be a goal. We need some sort of stability, some sort of boost to our confidence that will let allow this team to build up out of what is seemingly a disaster zone.

Blackburn 4-Bolton 1.

Stings a bit, doesn't it? I can't even wrap my head around it because the kind of playing I just saw leaves me speechless and confused. Sadly, until someone comes to their senses and beats this team into shape we could be seeing a lot more results ending like this.

Hold your groans, this season could be quite the ride.