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Dougie Freedman: Individual mistakes cost us, trying to get two or three players in

Chris Brunskill

Bolton's 4-1 loss at Blackburn was awful to say the least. A dire performance in every single part of the pitch left the Trotters reeling as Rovers made it all too easy for themselves. Dougie Freedman was not happy with the outing and had some choice words for fans and players. It will be a very interesting few days for the Trotters as deadline day approaches.

Speaking after the match, Freedman made his intentions known:

"Disappointing result obviously. Right now we're trying to search for that win. We're showing good moments throughout the game but not enough of them right now. I felt that to lose two goals in a short space of time, two individual mistakes, was very disappointing.

"We got back in the game, we fought to get back in the game very hard. We showed good spirit. We had a chance on the other side to make it 2-2 and we've not taken it. Again, it's a moment we're in right now.

"Again, individual mistakes cost us. We've thrown everything at it in the last 10-15 minutes. We brought in four strikers and lost the fourth goal. Very disappointing for us today. There are glimpses there.

"The players were told a few truths after the game. I've got to try and make sure there are players here that want to play for the football club. Right now, I've still got a feeling we've got to recruit 2 or 3 more players to get the right attitude in the squad. If certain players don't want to be here they go come Monday morning. It depends on if anybody goes out. We need to understand that we've got a lot of money tied up in big contracts and loan contracts and then generate some money.

"We've got to try to shuffle the pack and try to get the right type of player in here."