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Blackburn Rovers v Bolton Wanderers: Five Things We Already Knew

This one writes itself

What have I got myself into!??!
What have I got myself into!??!
Tony Marshall

So we lost 4-1. We lost 4-1. Against Blackburn Rovers. That's local rivals Blackburn Rovers. That's local comedy club and joke act Blackburn Rovers. One-dimensional Blackburn Rovers - stop Jordan Rhodes and you stop Blackburn Rovers.

It was supposed to be so easy.

So yeah, Five Things We Already Knew:

1) We

2) Are

3) Not

4) Very

5) Good

I think that's all that needs saying. Dougie Freedman - sort it out. Quick.

The transfer deadline is fast approaching and we're in dire straits (not the band, sadly). Poorest start to a season since 1984, the year after my birth. That's a long time. Every single "must win" game is now a double "must win" game. We need to ship out the dross - you know who you are - and bring in players who WANT to play for the club.

Failing that, sack them all off and play the Development Squad. I would gain more pleasure from watching their progress than us stutter and fail with expensive underperforming "senior" professionals.

Spineless losers.

I need another beer.