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Ribbon crest falls from Reebok Stadium & shatters, could serve as metaphor for Bolton Wanderers

Michael Steele

Earlier today, we reported on the crews working at the Reebok Stadium, changing out the massive Bolton Wanderers crests that adorned the side of the building. The last time we checked in, it all looked to be going smoothly at the ground with the crests overlooking Burnden Way just about completely off. Now, it looks like the crew might have had a bit of a problem.

Thanks to a photo posted on Twitter, it's clear that part of the logo didn't make it down to the ground in one piece, taking the quicker exit and plummeting to the pavement. The photo, shows the B & W, as well as part of the ribbons, on the ground and in pieces.

The two replacement crests, showing off Bolton's new badge, are set to go in at the end of this week. They'll be ready in time for this weekend's home opener, a tough test in which Wanderers will take on promotion favorites, Reading.

Rather than just sit and marvel at the destruction, it may be worth trying to get some meaning from this. What if the old crest represents the old Bolton Wanderers? Once majestic, shiny, and flying high with the fortress Reebok behind it, the ribbons have become old, dull, dusty, dirty, and brittle before meeting their doom. Like Wanderers when they were relegated from the top flight in May 2012, the giant crest crashed down from its lofty heights. Like Wanderers in October of that year when results necessitated the sacking of Owen Coyle, the crest hit rock bottom. Finally, like the resurgence under Dougie Freedman, a new crest that embodies the values and style of happier time will rise from the wreckage.

Or it's a sign that was dropped and fell to the ground. Time will tell.