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Burnley goal credited to Danny Ings, Bogdan loses 100% save rate

Chris Brunskill

One of the questions that remained after Bolton Wanderers' 1-1 draw at Burnley last weekend was over who would be credited with the goal that Burnley scored. During the match (and immediately after it), the goal was given to David Wheater as an own-goal rather than to Danny Ings, the man that put the ball in.

The Burnley forward claimed the goal right after the match. Speaking to his club's official website, Ings staked his claim:

"It's my goal, all day long. There was a lot of hard work to be done to get past Wheater, but I did that and my shot was on target and it went in, so at the end of the day it's my goal!

"You have to take every goal, whether it comes of your shin, your nose, anything; it's my goal at the end of the day."

Burnley have just officially confirmed that the goal has been credited to Danny Ings by the Football League. This means that Adam Bogdan's save percentage (reflected on our statistics page) is no longer 100%.