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Lion of Vienna Suite Fantasy Football update

Don't forget to sign up to the official LOV Fantasy League!

Alex Livesey

An astounding 53 teams have thus far been registered in the first annual Lion of Vienna Suite Fantasy Football League!

The Premier League starts next weekend so there is still time to sign up. Until that time you have unlimited free transfers - once the season begins however this drops to one per game week. You have £100m to spend to create your perfect squad, much like Gary Megson did.

Just visit and enter the unique code "29494-25081" to be in with a chance to win nothing but the respect of your internet peers!

You even get to come up with a clever team name - such as "I Hate Stoke", "Munchingladback", "MurderonZidanesfloor" and "The Bruno N'Gotty FC". Obviously we're talking degrees of cleverness, but you get the point.