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How the Lion of Vienna Suite works and how you can help improve the community

Tony Marshall

Here at the Lion of Vienna Suite, we have been dedicated to providing you with the latest in Bolton Wanderers news, opinion, analysis, and charming rubbishing consistently over the last two years. In that stretch of time, we have been fortunate enough to see tens of thousands of readers every week from all over the world and have had conversations with hundreds of you. At the heart of this site is the Bolton Wanderers community and while the community is good right now, we want it to be stronger.

Week in and week out, we run a number of regular features aimed to bring you into the conversation along with a few tools already built into the website. These are what they are and how you can use them to add to the community aspect of the Lion of Vienna Suite.

Lineup & Live Match threads/discussions:

On match days, we post the starting lineups and substitutes for both teams as soon as they are released by their respective clubs. Those lineups are the precursor to the match thread below which is an ongoing discussion in the comments section that is open to anyone. We want you joining in the discussion before, during, and after the match with what you see, what you want to see, your thoughts on the match, and so on. Anyone can comment and the more that do, the better the discussion in. Join in on the next matchday!


Did you find an interesting quote, video, photo, or link that you want to share? Scroll halfway down the page, past the link into the box, and click +Fanshot. Your link will appear on the sidebar and will be tweeted out by the LoVS account. You can also share your thoughts on Fanshots with comments.


Do you have thoughts on something in the world of Bolton Wanderers or football in general that you want to share your thoughts on but a fanshot simply wont' cut it? Fanposts are your way to get your opinions out in a longer format. The Lion of Vienna Suite also has the ability to feature fanposts on the front page, which is something that we have done a number of times. On top of that, whenever we are on the lookout for new writers, the fanposts are the first area that we look at.

We want you to get involved. After all, that's what makes the Lion of Vienna Suite tick. We see a number of the wonderful readers commenting on various posts and creating conversations and what we want more than anything else (besides Bolton wins) is more of that.