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Lion of Vienna Suite x Bolton Wanderers for new Nat Lofthouse book

Tony Marshall

The Nat Lofthouse statue was a long time coming (some 19 months to be more specific) from its inception to final resting spot outside the Reebok Stadium. The statue, standing some nine feet tall (not counting the plinth), was built with the help of Bolton Wanderers, corporate sponsors, local government, and, most importantly, the fans, who all collaborated to raise the necessary funds.

This weekend, at the Leeds United match at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton Wanderers will be selling a limited edition book detailing the Nat Lofthouse statue project from start to finish. The book will include a number of exclusive photos from the sculptor, Sean Hedges-Quinn, a foreword from club owner, Eddie Davies, and a biography of Nat Lofthouse (early days, playing career, and post-retirement) written by myself and Matilda Hankinson. It is a project that we are extremely proud of and one that we are honored to a part of.

The limited-edition book will be sold in the FanZone at the Reebok Stadium on Saturday, prior to the Leeds United match. Sean, the sculptor, will be present to sign copies as well. If you happen not to be at the match, the book will go on sale at Bolton Central on Monday morning. All proceeds from the book will go to the Nat Lofthouse memorial fund. The fund's goal is to continue the development of the area surrounding the statue outside of the stadium.


Additional information can be found on the official club website.